Detailed Window Washing: 

Streak-Free Window Washing Inside and Out

While most power washing companies only focus on cleaning the exterior windows of the home, Jiffy takes it one step further by also cleaning the inside of the glass which can accumulate years worth of dust, dirt, cobwebs, haze, and scratches. Having both sides of the window washed at the same time gives us the absolute assurance that the windows are left streak-free in the best possible appearance.

Our process 

Included in our professional window washing service is the detail cleaning of all glass, frames, sills, and ledges on the interior and exterior of each window. Depending on the size of the residence, either a two-man or four-man team will perform a simultaneous detailed window cleaning - one crew on the inside and one on the outside. Employees on the inside of the home wear protective covers over their shoes as to not drag in dirt or grass from the outside of the home. 

Our window solvent is a concentrate mixed with hot water which ensures the breakdown of proteins, allowing them to become easily removed. Each window will be washed with a commercial grade detergent leaving the entire surface encompassed with soap. Each window will then be hand washed with a non-abrasive pad, this pad is utilized to break down any proteins, dirt, wind-blown debris, bird dropping, or topicals that are usually affixed to glass. Concluding the washing, each window is checked for paint and items that were not removed and then scraped with a razor blade to ensure removal. Finally, each window is squeezed while ensuring removal of all wastewater.




Key Benefits of the Service

Because glass is a porous material, over time the elements can take a toll on glass's surface. Years of wind-blown debris, acid rain, minerals, oxidation, and even building-runoff can accumulate on the glass and become embedded. Cleaning your windows routinely can remove these topical ailments and restore your windows to like-new conditions.

  Remove years of harmful dirt, pollen, mold, and mildew
  Revives curb appeal
  Allows more nature light and vitamin D in your home
  Can help to suppress seasonal allergies indoors

We possess two power washing certifications: one in Chemical Applications and the other in Wood Restoration.
ALL our employees are insured, licensed, bonded, drug and background checked. We are EPA compliant, use 100% Bio-degradable cleaning products and are OSHA compliant.
We pride ourselves in building relationships and work hard to maintain them. Our goal is not to meet, but exceed all customer expectations and ensure our job is done to 110% satisfaction.
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