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Steam Cleaning Roof Restoration:

What causes roof discolored, aka "black streaks"?

The black discoloration on your roof tops is identified as Gloeocaspa Magma, or in layman’s terms mold. This is an airborne fungus which germinates when conditions promote humidity, moisture and condensation. Additionally structures which predominantly face north typically reflect these higher concentrations. The bacteria accumulates over time by feeding on moisture and calcium carbonate. Once the bacteria have become noticeable, the black stains will continue to worsen year after year. If left untreated, the growth encapsulates the shingles, causing deterioration and rot, while prematurely aging the roof resulting in costly repairs or a complete roof replacement.


How is this mold removed?

Our units promote a high temperature steam cleaning combined with an environmentally-friendly detergent wash that is specifically designed to kill the spore which promoted the dark black staining aka the fungus.


Will this service damage my roof?

Absolutely Not! We only utilize a high temperature steam cleaning that is strong enough to remove and kill the mold, yet gentle enough to preserve the shingle’s integrity. Jiffy never uses high pressure on roofs. Utilize a low-pressure, high-temperature steam rinse allows us to safely and effectively remove the eco-friendly detergent and topical ailments following the cleaning process. If you apply traditional high-pressure, cold-water power washing to a roof, you are guaranteed to damage the roof and cause costly repairs.


Will the stains return?

Due to climate conditions in regions which are subjected to higher percentages of humidity, moisture and condensation, as well as homes that
predominately face north, this black stain will redevelop over time. Our process guarantees removal of black stains taking your roof back to it’s
original, new appearance while suppressing and eliminating current mold growth. We also offer an annual mold inhibitor maintenance service that prevents growth entirely. Mother nature creates them - Jiffy’s job is to maintain them.


What style of roof do you clean?

We can clean any roof material from traditional composit shingles to tile, metal, and even slate.



Key Benefits of the Service

Routinely cleaning your roof, especially in high-humidity climates, is better than replacing your roof prematurely. Grime, moss, mold, algae, and acid rain can do terrible damage to all varieties of roof materials from traditional shingles, to metal, barrel tile, and slate. By having a roof periodically cleaned, you prevent premature rot and degradation, as well as extend its life.

  Extends the life of your roof
  Remove years of harmful mold and mildew
  Revives curb appeal
  Increase the value of your home
  Can prevent rot and decay from forming or worsening

We possess two power washing certifications: one in Chemical Applications and the other in Wood Restoration.
ALL our employees are insured, licensed, bonded, drug and background checked. We are EPA compliant, use 100% Bio-degradable cleaning products and are OSHA compliant.
We pride ourselves in building relationships and work hard to maintain them. Our goal is not to meet, but exceed all customer expectations and ensure our job is done to 110% satisfaction.
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