Industrial Cleaning & Restoration Services:

Partner with a company who understands the importance that compliance regulations hold over the cleanliness and safety of industrial, manufacturing and food processing for distribution warehouses and facilities.
While you’re focused on managing the grounds, Jiffy is here to maintain them to the highest standards possible.


Since 1979, Jiffy has been providing the high quality cleaning standards in the Industrial field across Central Maryland and Central Florida. We understand that when working in factories, assembly lines, food processing & storage centers, and general warehouses, the guidelines and compliances that must be locally and federally met are crucial to that facilities uptime and bottom-line. That is why we strictly follow all local, county and state-wide guidelines as far as using EPA-compliant and Eco-friendly cleaning agents, take great care in waste water collection and proper disposal, and at all times keeping OSHA-compliant.

Our team of trained, insured, licensed, and bonded professionals not only ensure your facility is cleaned and restored to it's highest potential, but also capitalize on after-hour schedules to make sure your facility's has as little downtime as possible. We even offer 24/7 services in the event and emergency cleanup is requested.

Professional Cleaning Services:

  • Rack System Steam Cleaning and Restoration
  • Rafters Steam Cleaning and Restoration
  • Black Stain Removal from Roofs
  • Warehouse Restoration
  • Media Blasting Services
  • Sandblasting and Welding Services
  • Stripping and Painting
  • Loading Dock Power Washing and Oil Stain Removal
  • Sidewalks, Fencing, Parking Garages and Dumpster Pads
  • Siding, Gutters and Doors Power Wash
  • Concrete, Brick, and Stone
  • Gum and Graffiti Removal
  • Mold and Algae Removal

Maintenance Services:

  • Polymeric Sand Replacement for Pavers
  • Garage Floor Epoxy
  • Masonry Repair and Roof Point Up Repair
  • Caulking and Painting (Interior & Exterior)


Cracker Barrel Restaurant Professional Power Washing

rafters and ceiling power washing

warehouse power washing

media blasting

rack steam cleaning


Key Benefits of the Service

We specialize in 24/7 Commercial Property Maintenance for homeowners and property management companies alike. 

  Increase productivity
  Decrease downtime
  Compliance-based Cleaning/Restoration
  24/7 scheduling 

We possess two power washing certifications: one in Chemical Applications and the other in Wood Restoration.
ALL our employees are insured, licensed, bonded, drug and background checked. We are EPA compliant, use 100% Bio-degradable cleaning products and are OSHA compliant.
We pride ourselves in building relationships and work hard to maintain them. Our goal is not to meet, but exceed all customer expectations and ensure our job is done to 110% satisfaction.
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