Professional Maintenance Services: 

Whole House Essential Services

Jiffy’s employees are professionally trained, licensed, bonded, and insured. We pride ourselves in specializing in areas of expertise as stated below. We guarantee the end result promotes the same commitment to quality and attention to detail that you’ve grown to expect from our company. Customer service is not just a philosophy, it’s our life.


Permanent Gutter Solution - Leaf Relief
Leaf Relief

Never clean your gutters again! Jiffy will encapsulate the top of your existing gutters ensuring leaves, sticks, bugs, birds, nesting insects, and debris never clog your gutters again.


Polymeric Sand - Gator Maxx
gator maxx polymeric sand

This permanent solution will stop weeds from sprouting within your pavers. We will steam cleaning your existing pavers, remove the existing sand and grout between them, and reinstall new grout in the color of your choice.



General maintenance painting of exterior and interior painting. Fascia, soffit, columns, staircases, trim, gutters, ceilings, shutters, doors, sheds, and more.


Deck Staining and Sealing

Professional restoration and removal of existing stain, followed by reapplying new stain in the color of your choice to any wooden or composite surfaces.


Masonry Repair and Point-up Roof Repair

Point-up repairs to brick, slate, stone, and tile roof surfaces. We repair chips, cracks and missing pieces, restoring your structure back to its original appearance.



Removal of weathered or brittle caulk and re-installation of new caulk throughout eliminating moisture or air intrusion.


Garage Floor Epoxy

Clean, prep and paint concrete flooring throughout your garage in the color and style of your choice. This process seals, protects and preserves your garage floor for a lifelong look.


Dryer Vent Cleaning

In 2010, a national study by the NFPA reported 16,800 residential fires resulted from obstructed clothes dryers vents. Jiffy can remove your electric or gas dryer vent, take outdoors to professional clean, and then reinstall like new.


Ceiling Fan, Blinds and Chandelier Cleaning

Detailed hand washing of lower or hard-to-reach fans, lights, fixtures, and window blinds.


Light Bulb and Smoke Detector Battery Replacement

Change your batteries annually. Jiffy can assist you with internal or external light bulb replacement as well as removal and replacement of all smoke detector batteries



painting staining and sealing masonry repair caulking epoxy garage floor dryer vent cleaning chandelier cleaning light replacement  


Key Benefits of the Service

We specialize in 24/7 Residential Property Maintenance for homeowners and property management companies alike. 

  Increase a home's value
  Revives curb appeal
  Cleaning and maintenance is less costly than repairs
  Can help winterize your home for the "snow birds"

We possess two power washing certifications: one in Chemical Applications and the other in Wood Restoration.
ALL our employees are insured, licensed, bonded, drug and background checked. We are EPA compliant, use 100% Bio-degradable cleaning products and are OSHA compliant.
We pride ourselves in building relationships and work hard to maintain them. Our goal is not to meet, but exceed all customer expectations and ensure our job is done to 110% satisfaction.
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